Polymer Container was established in 1997 by four class mates’ friends Maqbool Ahmed, Muhammad Ali Shah, Muhammad Aurangzeb and Syed Abbas Shah. That time one injection molding machine was installed. In the early stages plastic bucket was supply to ghee industry. Then due to higher rank in quality and being dedicated the demand increases and soon two more injection machines were added. Afterward in year 2000 the quantity of molding machines reaches to eight in quantity and one more friend Sheikh Naeem Iqbal join as a partner.
In 2000 new factory inaugurate about area 6 Kanal in Punjab small estate and still now it is there.
In 2008 according to clients demand one more product line plastic Pouch packaging was introduced for ghee and oil industry. Initially two machine 2 layer was installed and flexographic printing and sleeting machines were also installed.
In year 2008 son of Maqbool Ahmed named Zeeshan Ahmed Join Company who recently completed his M.B.A degree.
In 2008 Sheikh Naeem Iqbal died and his son Sheikh Asad Naeem join the company.
Year 2008 decided to install 3 layer machine. For this purpose we import machine from well-known company of China. In 2009 3 layer film blowing machines of Hameed Gul were add and 350000 buckets and 200 ton pouch film produced till 2015. According to market requirement 1 more machine was 5 layer film blowing machine and 10 color Graveure printing machines were decided to install and all setup were brought from well-known company of china. By this plastic film production increases to 350 ton monthly. 2016 as per market trend plastic lamination was added and chips Nimko Snacks etc. packing line was also added.
2017 we decided to withies our 5 layer film blow machine for the production of PE lamination film in replacement of CPP milky as a cost effective alternate still to date it is in production ALHAMDULILLAH. Father we added Baby Diapers packaging, Ghee packaging and frozen food packaging.
2017 Syed Abbas Shah passed away and his son Syed Jalil Shah join the company.
We all pray for the success and healthy growth of a company and all members of organization of company.
Injection Molding Section
We have total 13 injection molding machine
Capacity of machine is
450 ton, 330 ton, 300 ton, 250 ton, 230 ton, 175 ton, 150 ton, 100 ton, and 80 ton, 50 Ton
Production Capacity 375000 buckets set monthly.
Film Blowing Machine Section
ABA Film Blowing Machine 2
Imported Three Layer Film Blowing Machine 3
Imported 5 Layer Film Blowing Machine: 1
Production Capacity 350 Tons Monthly
Printing Section
Imported 10 Color Graveure Printing Machine: 1
Imported 8 Color Flexographic Printing Machine: 2
Imported Plastic Lamination Machine 1
Imported Sleeting Machine: 5
Plastic Lamination Machine:1
Printing Capacity 300 Tons Monthly


Maqbool Ahmad
Managing Director/ CEO
Dealing in Banking & Finance
Mobile # +92 3006642211




Name : Mohammad Aurangzeb
Dealing in Admin
Mobile # +92 322 6293041
Email : zeb.ch111@gmail.com




Name : Syed Ghulam Abbas Shah (Late)





Sheikh Naeem Iqbal (Late)